Please hand over the fee discreetly in an envelope right at the beginning of our meeting.

The fees listed here are non-negotiable and I do not make exceptions for nice inquiries, poorly performing business or other reasons.

From a duration of 4 hours, a restaurant visit or other type of catering must be part of the date. For overnights I assume 7-8 hours of undisturbed beauty sleep.


Generally, I am very enthusiastic about travelling and always look forward to exploring new places. Whether it’s exploring the streets of Paris with a charming companion or sipping rosé on the slopes of the Amalfi Coast. However, I only travel with gentlemen I have met before. So please refrain from suggesting this as a first encounter.


Fancy a taste of Double Trouble? I am a huge fan. If you already have an interested partner I would be very happy to meet you both, in which case the fee increases by 50%. Alternatively, I have a very good friend with whom I am already a well-established team. So if you want to make us both extra big friends, book us together. In this case she gets the same fee as me.


Gifts are never expected, but always appreciated. As a lover of large and small gestures, I appreciate anyone who puts thought into choosing a gift. If you’re looking for inspiration, whether luxurious or down-to-earth, you can take a look at my wish list.

Let’s meet!